Change Management Risk Reduction, Best Practices, New Technology: User Experience Management

Take the Risk Out of Change Management — New Technologies and Best Practice On Demand Webinar – Podcast During this webinar you will learn more about how to reduce risk within the change management process and speed successful software deployments: * Understand how utilization audit can optimize engineering investment * Develop testing scripts based upon actual usage — tools that make this easy * Accelerate user acceptance testing (UAT) with automatic documentation of application errors * Identify end-user interface problems and training needs during UAT through automation * Identify application problems in production in minutes or hours — not days and weeks — after go-live * Identify any system performance problems immediately after go-live * Identify application functionality that has not been adopted by the end-users * Identify which end-user/groups/locations are having usage problems in the days after go-live * Use tools that provide automated visibility real-time to the clusters of user errors during roll-out * Deploy all of this in your standard analytics dashboard using Microstrategy® or BusinessObjects™ with 100% automation and visibility across every transaction, every screen, button and more * We will also present new alternate technologies that support these change management best practices, provide much broader potential for return on investment and optimized performance within your enterprise. Trademark Acknowledgements Follow: SAP is a registered
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