Learn Windows 7 – Power Management

www.mahalo.com During this tutorial Mahalo’s Windows expert, Sean Hewitt, shows you how to manage your power settings in Windows 7. In this lesson he also displays how to set a better power profile to conserve laptop battery life. If you enjoyed this video Check out these other Windows 7 Learning Videos Desktop Introduction: www.mahalo.com The Calculator Tool: www.mahalo.com The Start Menu: www.mahalo.com Mouse Navigation: www.mahalo.com Copy and Paste: www.mahalo.com Hard Drive Navigation: www.mahalo.com The Search Function www.mahalo.com Windows Photo Viewer www.mahalo.com Screen Resolution www.mahalo.com Customize the taskbar www.mahalo.com Window Tips and Tricks: www.mahalo.com Keyboard Shortcuts www.mahalo.com Show Hidden Files www.mahalo.com Change computer Name: www.mahalo.com Stickey Keys www.mahalo.com Sticky Notes and Sniping tool: www.mahalo.com Windows Update www.mahalo.com User Accounts www.mahalo.com Action Center www.mahalo.com Change to XP style www.mahalo.com
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