Change Management Policy Example

Linksys Network Router Internet Access Policy Setup

Setting up Linksys router WRT-54G internet access policy. This is an example of “off early” on school nights for my kids: deny days: Sunday through Thursday deny from 10:30pm to 11:55pm deny from 00:05am to 6:00am (don’t use 00:00am) (there is a period there from 11:56pm to 12:04am where the internet comes back on but they are not aware of this and it doesn’t matter because they are asleep anyway) So per the example above, the computer will be denied internet on each school night (Sun. to Thur.) from 10:30pm until 6am the next morning. Make sure to “Edit List of PC’s” You have to make sure you get the right IP address of the computer you want to deny or you can just use the MAC address instead. You can learn how to find the MAC address of the computer by going here: IMPORTANT: Go to the Linksys administration page by typing and If the DHCP is enabled on the Basic Setup page then use the Mac address of the computer you are trying to deny instead of using the IP address because the IP address will change frequently. Enter the Mac address in the “Edit List of PC’s” section. You can also control more than one PC by entering the Mac address for each computer you want to control access to.