Models Of Change Management

HR Consulting and Change Management Training & Development Hello, my name’s Neil Griffin and I’d like to welcome you to this video. Hey, I guess if you’re watching this you’re going to be an HR Director or HR Manager or someone in the profession. Or else you might be a business leader – someone who runs your own company or a senior manager in an organisation. In which case this is going to be very relevant for your HR team. So look – I’ve got 3 questions to ask you – The first one is – do you tend to find that you get so much involved in day-to-day transactional activity that this actually prevents you from getting involved in the business critical stuff that you know you should be doing? Second question – would you like to be able to get more airtime with the Board and the top team to discuss HR activities properly, and have the opportunity to table your ideas and proposal;s for HR initiatives? Oh, and by the way, to get more budget for those? And then the final question – are you prepared to put some time and some effort into developing yourself, both to become a better HR practitioner and a better business manager? Well look, if the answer is “Yes” to those questions, I think we’ve got the basis for a discussion. But first of all I’d like to give you a quick pen picture of Griffin UK, which is the company that I started back at the start of the Millenium in January 2000. Now since then our one and only aim is to work with organisations to enable them to improve the quality of their HR interventions, particularly